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Calident is a specialized clinic dedicated to dental tourism, therefore, here you will find innovative treatments such as the 3 on 6 dental implants. These types of procedures require a fairly high level of expertise to achieve functional and aesthetic success.

Bring your smile back to life with 3 in 6!

If you want to know more details about the most affordable prices in Mexico, keep reading.

3 on 6 dental implants in mexico

What Is 3 On 6 Treatment?

The 3 on 6 implant treatment, as its name indicates, is the placement of 6 implants in the lower or upper jaw on which 3 dental bridges will be attached. Two implants for each bridge.

The main benefits offered by this new restorative treatment, compared to conventional dentures are:

  • The implants give more stability and strength to the bite, so you can go back to eating your favorite foods.
  • Enjoy the natural appearance of your new smile, by using the patient’s natural gum, the appearance improves considerably. In addition, the materials used for bridges often match natural teeth in color and translucency.
  • Being a permanent teeth, you can forget about gum irritation and jaw bone wear.
  • They require minimal maintenance, your conventional hygiene routine is more than enough. However, it is also important that you visit your dentist periodically to check the health of your gums.
3 on 6 dental implants
best price 3 on 6 dental implants cost mexico

Unique Prices for 3 on 6 Dental Implants in Mexico

While other clinics in Mexico promise prices up to 70% cheaper than in the United States or Canada, at Calident we make it happen.

The price for 3-on-6 dental implants at Calident is $8,500 USD, while the average in Mexico is $12,000 USD or more. Isn’t this amazing?

The best part of all, Calident has a Quality Guarantee!

3 on 6 Cost in Calident

$8,500 USD (per arch)

3 on 6 Implant Cost in Mexico

$12,000 USD (per arch)

Average Prices in the US

$18,000 - $25,000 USD (per arch)

Why Get Your 3 on 6 Dental Implants in Mexico?

Personalized Attention from Start to Finish

From the moment of contact to the end of your treatment our senior dental coordinator and dentists in Mexico will be by your side, for everything you need.

Top of the Line Dental Technology Equipped

Every dental office we count on within Calident is fully equipped with the ultimate technology in implant dentistry. From surgical guides to digital software.

Highly Trained Dentists in Implant Dentistry

The team of dentists we work with at Calident is highly qualified and internationally recognized in every matter within dentistry, from dental implants to cosmetic dentistry.

Am I a candidate for 3 on 6 treatment in Mexico?

The main requirement to be a candidate for 3 on 6 implants is to have a considerable and healthy amount of jaw bone. It will be determinated trought our CB CT Scan.

Sometimes not even bone graft is enough to the patient become a candidate for this treatment.

Regularly, dental implants are indicated for young adults who have lost a large part of their teeth due to illness or accident. While, they are recommended for older adults when they have good bone and physical health in general.

Best price Full Mouth Reconstruction in Cancun Mexico

First Class Materials for 3-on-Six Dental Implants in Cancun

Best Quality in Mexico at the Cheapest Price

Porcelain or Zirconia Dental Bridges, Which is the right for me?
The dental bridges of the 3-on-6 method can be made of different materials such as porcelain (a more natural color and resistant to fractures) or zirconia (more durable with a more translucent color).


Zirconia Bridges

The brightest white for dental bridges, long-lasting material.


Porcelain Bridges

Imitate the natural color of your teeth with a more aesthetic look.

Excellence in Dental Care at the Best Price in Mexico

cheapest full mouth reconstruction Mexico

    How Is Getting 3 On 6 Dental Implants In Mexico?

    Calident’s Two-Phase Method

    On average, we recommend a minimum stance of 10 days, to start with the process and to follow up on any complications.

    It’s important to mention, you will need to make two trips for an effective treatment procedure; the first one is specifically for your dental evaluation and the surgery phase. Similarly, during this trip, tooth extraction, bone grafting or sinus elevation should be performed if required.

    The second one, which is about four to six months after, will be fully focused on the restorative phase (placing your permanent full arch bridge).

    Surgical phase 3 on 6 Mexico

    Implant Surgery (1st Trip)

    The surgeon will carry out an extensive diagnosis using X-rays, panoramic photos of your mouth, a 3D CBCT scan, surgical guides, and/or the Navident system. Right after, our implant specialist will place the dental implants and a temporary denture.

    background restorative phase

    Restorative Phase (2nd Trip)

    We’ll evaluate the osseointegration process to determine if you are ready there are any complications, if not we will start placing your permanent three dental bridges supported and secured by two implants on each side of the bridge.


    NOTE: Prices can vary depending on your dental condition, type of restoration chosen, and/or additional procedures required.

    Calident’s Three-on-Six Implants Before and After in Mexico

    3 on 6 before and after in calident cancun

    Our purpose is to deliver modern dental techniques by using cutting-edge technology with the best team rated as dental specialists in Cancun. We are dental tourism in Mexico experts, offering equally our services to anyone who needs urgent dental work to preserve their health.

    Great people the front desk at my hotel recommended them. Great prices actually nice that for the first time I get charged the same as Mexicans, they don’t increase the cost on you if you are American.

    -George Rivera

    Pre & Post Operative Care

    Pre-Op Instructions Prior

    • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol three weeks before the surgery.
    • Suspend anti-inflammatories, anti-coagulants, and vitamin E supplements.
    • Eat plenty of fresh pineapple or pineapple enzyme and a multivitamin tablet.

    Post-Op Instructions After

    • Rest, relax, and avoid any physical activity for the first 48 hours after the surgery.
    • Do not blow your nose nor force your jaw muscles to open your mouth.
    • Avoid hot meals and eat only soft food for the following six weeks.

    Top Alternatives To 3 On 6 Implants

    On the assumption that you are not a candidate for 3 on 6 implant procedure, or simply prefer other alternatives for any reason, you may choose other dental restoration options:


    Dental Implants


    $ 800 USD

    A dental implant is commonly used to replace broken teeth or fill a missing tooth space. Implants are placed surgically into your jawbone to hold a dental crown, a bridge, a superstructure, or a denture.


    All on-4 Dental Implants


    $ 7,500 USD

    Per Arch

    With an all on 4 procedure, patients obtain a highly stable tooth through a dental superstructure retained by four dental implants, providing greater comfort while eating, smiling, and speaking.


    Snap On Dentures


    $ 4,000 USD

    Per Arch

    A snap-on denture is the most affordable implant-supported denture which is removable thanks to its clip effect.

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