Affordable Dental Crowns In Mexico

Dental crowns are an alternative to restore the health of natural teeth, without the need for extraction. This helps improve the appearance and alignment of the teeth in the mouth.

In our dental clinic you will find first class dental work at the best price on the market. Check below for everything you need to know about getting dental crowns in Cancun.

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Affordable dental crowns in mexico

How Much Is A Crown In Mexico? Calident Price Comparison

Crowns in Cancun are on an average price of $500 USD, compared to US prices of $1,500 USD. Although, we mention already Cancun prices, in Calident we offer crowns for a more affordable price of $380 USD.

Price in Calident

$380 USD per Crown

Average Price in Mexico

$450 USD per Crown

Average Prices in the US

$1,500 USD per Crown

Cheapest Dental Crown Cost In Mexico

Here’s a breakdown of prices for each type of dental crown, costs ranging from $380 to $600, depending on the material. On average, when traveling to Cancun you would save up to 70% off.

$ 380 USD
eMax Porcelain Crowns

Per Crown
US Price Up to: $ 1,350 USD

$ 380 USD
Zirconia Crown Price

Per Crown
US Price Up to: $ 2,500 USD

$ 600 USD
Gold Dental Crown

Custom Price
US Price Up to: $ 2,5000 to 6,000 USD
e.max vs zirconia dental crowns in Mexico

e.Max Vs Zirconia Dental Crowns

Zirconia Crowns in Mexico

  • Durable
  • Split Resistant
  • Stiffer & Stronger
  • Hinder Cracking & Chipping

e.Max Porcelain Crowns

  • Mimic Natural Appearance
  • For Front & Back Teeth
  • No Metal Usage

Benefits of getting Dental Crowns

Dental crowns play a very important role among aesthetic and full mouth restoration treatments because they manage to solve a myriad of dental problems.

Dental crowns play a very important role among aesthetic and full mouth restoration treatments because The procedure consists of the wear of a large part of the tooth, without reaching the nerve; Subsequently, the dentist will be in charge of taking the impressions and placing a temporary crown. The impressions will be the basis for building the dental cap and then placing it in place.

Reasons to get Crowns

It should be noted that the treatment of dental crowns is one of the most successful compared to other restorative procedures.

  • Prevent teeth from breaking
  • Repair fractured teeth
  • Provide support for a prosthesis
  • Cover stained teeth
  • Improve the appearance of a tooth
  • They make smiles look better
  • They are mostly permanent
  • They can save a severely damaged tooth
Dental crowns cost in mexico

Dental Crowns: Everything You Need To Know

If you have pain when chewing, if there are fractures or cracks in a tooth or exposed nerves from wear and/or weak teeth, you will probably require crowns. However, only a specialist can give the correct diagnosis.

Dental crowns restore a damaged tooth and cover and protect it, with the addition of improving its functionality and aesthetic.

They can be made of different materials and are always customized to perfectly fit the teeth where it’s placed, also mimicking the shape and color. Book an appointment today and get the exact dental care you need.

Top Alternatives To Dental Crowns

On the assumption that you are not a candidate for a dental crown procedure, or simply prefer other alternatives for any reason, you may choose other dental restoration options:

Dental Implants


$ 800 USD

A dental implant is commonly used to replace broken teeth or fill a missing tooth space. Implants are placed surgically into your jawbone to hold a dental crown, a bridge, a superstructure, or a denture.

3 On 6 Dental Implants


$ 8,500 USD

An implant system consists of three dental bridges supported by six dental implants (two for each bridge).

All on 4 Dental


$ 7,500 USD

With an all on 4 procedure, patients obtain a highly stable tooth through a dental superstructure retained by four dental implants, providing greater comfort while eating, smiling, and speaking.

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