Affordable Dental Cleaning In Cancun

Having a teeth cleaning in Mexico will help you save up hundreds of dollars, with the benefit of improving the quality of the same treatment.

Affordable dental cleaning Cancun

How Much Is A Dental Cleaning In Cancun?

The cost of a deep teeth cleaning in the US can go up to $400 USD, four times the price that we offer in Calident, which is $90 USD. Even lower than other dental clinic in Cancun.

Calident Price

$ 90 USD

Mexico Dental Tourism Prices

$ 120 USD

US Prices

$ 400 USD

What is a Dental Cleaning?

A dental cleaning, also called dental prophylaxis, has the function of removing plaque and/or tartar buildup on your teeth or gums. Over time, it is impossible to remove this buildup just by brushing your teeth. That is why it is important to get a dental cleaning procedure at least twice a year, in order to reach all the areas that cannot be reached with daily tooth brushing.

Besides causing gum disease, tartar is associated with an increased risk of tooth loss and other diseases that at first glance may seem unrelated to dental hygiene.

Periodontal dental cleaning
Cancun teeth cleaning
Deep teeth cleaning in Cancun
Dental cleaning in Mexico

Deep Cleaning Teeth Before and After

Teeth cleaning helps preserving your dental health by removing tartar and plaque, preventing a severe gum disease or any further damage to your teeth.

At calident we offer the best dental treatment and preventive care at low cost.

Control and Comfort With Minimal Maintenance

$ 60 USD
General Cleaninng

US Price Up to: $ 200 USD

$ 90 USD
Deep Teeth Cleaning

US Price Up To: $400 USD

$ 200 USD
Periodontal Cleaning

US Price Up To: $300 USD

How Much Is A Dental Cleaning In Cancun?

General Teeth Cleaning
When you have good oral hygiene, brushing your teeth 2-3 times per day, and using dental floss. it will only need to remove any type of waste with a simple cleaning.

Deep Teeth Cleaning
Even having the right dental care and hygiene can’t fully prevent tartar. When a good amount of tartar is accumulated between the gum and tooth, it will be necessary to remove it carefully without causing any injury.

Periodontal Teeth Cleaning
Periodontal cleaning is necessary when tartar is accumulated below the gum, making it not visible, affecting the gums, tissues and ligaments which support the tooth. This condition could lead to periodontitis if it is not treated as soon as possible.

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