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The most popular treatments to align your teeth are orthodontics, which divide in different dental solution. In Calident we offer three differnet types of different teeth aligners; braces, ceramic braces, and Invisalign.

Braces in Mexico

How Much Are Braces in Mexico?

The elevated cost of braces in the US being in average $3,000 USD, causes people to look for an affordable alternative. For this, Mexico is the most affordable alternative for an orthodontic treatment since prices are in average $1,000, in difference Calident offers prices even less expensive than that, starting for $800 USD.

Calident Price

$ 800 USD

Mexico Average Price

$ 1,000 USD

Average Prices in US

$ 3,000 USD

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Orthodontics correct the position of teeth and bones that are misaligned. It can also help improve your bite. Correctly aligned teeth and a good bite avoid premature tooth wear, which prevents the accumulation of bacteria that can lead to cavities and ruin a perfect smile.

Gap Teeth



Open Bite


Crowded Teeth

Cost Of Braces & Invisalign In Mexico

The price can vary depending onthe teeth aligners you choose, between our three possible alternatives; metal braces, ceramic braces and our In-house clear aligners.

$ 800 USD

Braces Cost

US Price Up to: $ 2,500 USD

$ 1,200 USD

Ceramic Braces Cost

US Price Up to: $ 8,500 USD

$ 1,300 USD

Invisalign Clear Aligners Cost

US Price Up to: $ 8,500 USD

Benefits of Invisalign

Does invisalign help overbite?

Invisible teeth aligners are the perfect combination of technology and orthodontics. Fully personalized for each patient, they consist of a series of clear plastic trays similar to retainers or mouth guards that must be used at least 20 hours a day. Every two weeks, on average, patients replace their aligners with a new one, and that’s how teeth become more even progressively throughout the treatment (around a year or so).

They include:

  • Consultation with an orthodontist
  • Custom orthodontic design
  • Remote tracking
  • Remote tracking
  • Panoramic X-rays
  • Digital scan or prints
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