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If you wonder what is a root canal or in what does it consists, a root canal is a common dental solution for tooth infections located in the root. Consists on the extraction of dental pulp to preserve your dental health.

Root Canals Cost in Mexico

How Much Is a Root Canal In Mexico?

Many people consider coming to Mexico even for small treatment procedures because of the price difference at the same quality. In the US a root canal is on average $1,000 USD while in Mexico the average price is of $250 USD , but we offer the root canal for only $250 USD.

Calident Price

$ 250 USD

Average Prices in US

$ 1,000 USD

USD Per Tooth

What Happens if You
Don t Get a Root Canal?

Root canal therapy or endodontics is a relatively simple procedure, however a failed root canal therapy can have severe consequences.

Root canal complications may include more serious infections, pain, and sensitivity that can occur in the tooth. For this reason, at Calident we provide you with professional, high-quality treatments.

The average cost of root canal therapy in Cancun may be very variable. We guarantee the best quality, technology, and service, in addition to excellent prices.

Beyond being a simple dental service, a root canal therapy is an essential part of your oral health, so it is always important to get the best quality.

Our clinic is without a doubt the best option for root canal therapy in Cancun!

Root Canal Cost In Mexico

$ 250 USD

Root Canal Therapy

Per Tooth
US Price Up to: $ 500 USD

$ 300 USD

Root Canal Retreatment

Per Tooth
US Price Up to: $ 700 USD

$ 120 USD

Post and Core Build-Up

Per Tooth
US Price Up to: $ 400 USD

Root canals in cancun mexico

Root Canal Step By Step

Step 1
Pulp tissue extraction

We drill the front surface of the tooth to succesfully extract the pulp and any infection caused by the root.

Step 2
Cleaning the dental cavity

We need to disinfect the tooth front surface after extracting the dental pulp.

Step 3
Placement of posts (if needed)

This is only in case of needing a metalic post for the tooth restoration.

Step 4
Dental restoration with resin

Filling the root canal space left with a non txic resin and seal it, to prevent any future infections.

Benefits of Root Canal

  • Avoids the extraction of a natural tooth
  • Avoids dental infections and their consequences such as halitosis (bad breath.)
  • Prevents teeth mobility and displacement of adjacent teeth.
  • Replaces parts of teeth that have been lost, and thereby restores their functionality.
  • Avoids more expensive dental treatments.
Root Canal In Mexico

Why Getting Root Canal Therapy in Calident?

Our clinic features modern digital and analog technologies. For example, we use 3D CBCT X-rays to get a three-dimensional view of all root canals. This allows us to see the internal dental anatomy with much more precision and clarity than with traditional X-rays.

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